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As Soylu Iplik we manufacture and supply rope, twine, yarn, wire, strip, cord, fiber, flax, ropes, twines, yarns, wires, strips, cords, fibers, flaxes, polyester ropes, polypropylene ropes, polyamid ropes, polyethylene ropes, monofilament ropes, braided ropes, spiral ropes, 8 strand ropes, twisted ropes, elastic cords, twisted fibrillated ropes, aramid braided ropes, aramid ropes, jute ropes, hemp ropes, sisal ropes, cotton ropes, package twines, greenhouse twines, agricultural twines, baler twines, constructer twines, polished hemp twines, hemp twines, jute twines, polished cotton twines, unpolished cotton twines, polypropylene yarns, cf yarns, bcf yarns, plasticmantle wires, clotheslines, clothespins, luggage tighten strips, jumping cords, plumber's flaxes, waterproof buffer flaxes, sisal fibers, polyester rope, polypropylene rope, polyamid rope, polyethylene rope, monofilament rope, braided rope, spiral rope, 8 strand rope, twisted rope, elastic cord, twisted fibrillated rope, aramid braided rope, aramid rope, jute rope, hemp rope, sisal rope... Soylu Iplik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. was established in 1987 in Gediz County of KUTAHYA Province. In 8500 square meter closed factory area, The company is producing various twisted and braided yarns, twines and ropes, packaging twines, green house twines, agricultural and baler twines made up from natural and synthetic fibers and other various products that can be seen in product catalogue. Whit the new investment that was completed in the beginning of Year 2006, The company has started to produce Polypropylene Multiflament twines that are used in weaving, knitting and braiding industry. The annual production capacity of the factory in various products is 5000 tons. In the beginning of Year 2007, the company will start the production of Polyester Multifilament weaving, knitting and braiding twines. Besides being one of the important producer and exporter in Turkey, Soylu Iplik Sanayi is also an important importer of Jute Twines, Hemp Fibers and Synthetic Twine Raw Materials. In local market, the products are sold by a network of wholesalers and sellers and in international markets, the products are marketed and sold by the international marketing department of the company. Soylu Iplik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and all products have the Turkish Standards Certificate. The company is administered by means of Corporate Governance principles and our password in marketing is "QUALTY".

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